Sunday, December 26, 2010

Holiday Skin Rehab 101

During the Holidays we get a lot of clients coming in with skin issues, from break outs, dark circles and dryness. This makes us love our Glymed Plus product line even more, because with a few simple steps we can help combat these skin issues!

  • Stay away from candy and sugars! Many will deny any correlation,but I firmly believe and see on a daily basis it strongly effects the appearance of your skin. Sugar lowers your immune system and acne is caused by bacteria- in short your immune system is unable to fight the acne bacteria due to it's higher insulin levels. For more info check this sight out!
  • What we've got... Sal-X Purifying Cleanser. Treat acne prone or aging skin with our specialized blend of 2.0% salicylic acid, green tea, aloe vera, and other rejuvenating ingredients. At the shop this one of our best selling products. You can use a few times a week to combat those pesky breakouts or use daily for a more of a chronic acne problem. 8.0 oz $35
  • Sometimes this is a hereditary issue that a product can help lessen the appearance of the dark circles. Other times there are other factors check a few things to see if any of these apply.Do you have any allergies to gluten, are you suffering from lack of sleep, do you hydrate your skin through water and is your skin under your eyes thinning? Want more info click here
  • What we've got...WRx Eye Cream. An intensely hydrating, multi-action eye treatment that delivers clinically proven, anti-aging peptide technology. This high-performance complex is power-packed with protective botanical and vitamin antioxidants vitamin A, C, and E. Contains ultra-potent ceramides 1, 2 and 3 to reinforce the natural lipid barrier and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, firming the delicate skin around the eye, diminishing discolorations.
  • A few things to help with dry skin. Don't use hot shower water, wash your face after all showering,blow drying ect. Use luke warm water, and no heavy soaps. Don't be afraid to exfoliate, when applying heavy lotions & creams make sure they go on a "fresh layer" of skin not on "old dead skin cells"- this can be done by exfoliation
  • What we've got... You need to have 3 BIG things in your arsenal to combat dryness and believe me they are worth EVERY penny! STEP 1: Gentle facial wash with 10% Glycolic (this is an exfoliant to use daily) $32 STEP 2: GlyMed Plus Treatment Cream is a multi-vitamin and nutrient enriched hydrating cream that facilitates the skin's natural overnight repairA fast acting wrinkle reducing night cream that stimulates new collagen and elastin below the skin's surface, then corrects free radical damage and reduces fine lines and wrinkles on the surface while you sleep. Contains 15% glycolic and hyaluronic acid, and a proprietary blend of plant extracts and nutritional antioxidants. Non-greasy, lightweight and pure. $60 STEP 3: Daily Repair Mega-Moisture Cream This lightweight vitamin, mineral and glyco-protein cream hydrates as it helps repair photo-damaged and environmentally stressed skin. Alpha lipoic acid, lycopene and green tea extracts increase cellular energy and protect against the lipid destruction that causes premature aging skin. This cream is so yummy you'll want to bath in it! $65
  • IN our studio... We do a wonderful Chocoalte Skin Rescue Facial. This facial has a gentle chocolate peel to help exfolaite the dead skin cells and tightening the skin also included is a to die for chocolate mask! $125. Our resurfacing Microderm Treatment reserfaces the skin with no down time $75

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

What do I get the person that has everything?

Instead of splurging for a day at the spa package we recommend
a pre-paid
series of their favorite service.

This gives them something to look forward to each month, and allows them to stay on top of their massage or skincare treatment plan.

To purchase a series or for more information please email us at or call 253.854.2499

Monday, December 20, 2010

Sinfully soft skin...

A flavor explosion for your senses and a sinfully soft treat for your skin! Indulge your skin and your senses in this deliciously guilt-free moisturizer with pure organic hemp seed oil but with a sinfully sweet fragrance? Look no further. This gourmet blend of natural honey and vanilla extracts is rich in anti-oxidants and skin conditioners for deliciously soft and smooth skin.
  • Indulge yourself without the guilt.
  • Pure Organic Hempz Seed Oil helps renew, nourish and rejuvenate for healthier younger looking skin.
  • Paraben Free, Gluten Free, Guilt Free.

Monday, December 13, 2010

Lemon Drop A Skincare & Massage Studio

Get a sneak peak to see what our studio is all about.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

NEW at Lemon Drop

Dirt... where nature begins and ends.

Dirt candles are formulated from beginning to end with natural things.

Fully Biodegradable, Charitable, No Animal Testing, Burn Time 60+ Hours, Soot-less, Recycled Content

Our GMO-free soy wax is made with organic soy cultivated in the USA, along with essential oils, botanical ingredients, and all-natural cotton wicks. We use recycled packaging printed with soy inks and labels made from corn. Our candles are made with the highest care to your health and our environment. We invite you to take a look around, smell and open your world up to the possibilities of dirt...

Monday, December 6, 2010

What is an "instant gift certificate"?

Here at Lemon Drop we offer a simple way to purchase GC's online. We offer a way to purchase a set $ amount, a service, a series of services or one of our signature services. Once purchased you will receive an email sent to you via a PDF- any time of of day! And with the recipient being able to book LIVE online once they receive there gift certificate- it's never been easier!

Friday, November 5, 2010

How Can Massage Help Digestive Disorders?

To treat digestive disorders, by massaging the affected area of the abdomen it can help stimulate the spontaneous movement of the digestive tract (a process called peristalsis) and reduce symptoms such as cramping, bloating, gas, and constipation.

Massage can also be used to relieve anxiety and tension that often worsen irritable bowel syndrome (IBS). However, abdominal massage should not be used during an acute IBS flare-up as it can aggravate symptoms. Neck, shoulder, back, and leg massages are helpful in reducing tension and can be performed during an IBS flare-up without complications.

Massage can be used during periods of remission for patients with ulcerative colitis or Crohn’s disease to manage chronic pain, but it should also not be used during an active flare-up of ulcerative colitis or Crohn’s disease as it can exacerbate the pain and increase the risk of intestinal perforation.

How Can Massage Help After Procedures to Diagnose or Treat Digestive Disorders?

For patients undergoing a colonoscopy procedure, abdominal massage is helpful immediately after the procedure to eliminate the air that was used to inflate the colon during the examination. Massage has also been shown to help patients after colectomy surgery, in which all or part of the colon (also called the large intestine) is removed. One study showed that massage of the abdomen decreased postoperative pain and ileus (obstruction of the intestine due to it being paralyzed from surgery).

What Massage Techniques Are Used for Digestive Disorders?

A combination of massage techniques performed by an experienced massage therapist can provide relief, including:

Swedish Massage: Long strokes and gentle kneading movements applied to the surface muscles to help release muscle tension. Swedish massage practitioners suggest that this type of massage can help the body deliver nutrients and remove waste products from various tissues.

Deep Tissue Massage: Applied pressure to the deeper muscles and connective tissues that is focused on releasing adhesion (“knots”) or scar tissue. It may be performed along with Swedish massage.

Trigger Point Massage: Steady pressure is applied to targeted areas to release abdominal muscle spasms and promote blood flow to the area to aid healing.

Shiatsu: A form of Japanese massage in which the practitioner uses his or her body weight to apply rhythmic pressure to acupressure points in order to feel and simultaneously adjust the flow of energy ("Ki") through the meridians in your body.

Resource and for more info go to:

If you are currently or ever have suffered from a digestive disorder remember alternative therapies can and do help! At Lemon Drop we would like to know if are suffering from any of these conditions so we can better treat you.

Saturday, October 30, 2010

My skin needs HELP!

Have no fear our new Skin Essentials Skincare Kits are here! They are from Glymed Plus the leader of scientific skincare. These Essential skincare kits are easy and affordable. They include cleansers, nightly correcting serums, daily treatment creams and/or spot treatments, a weekly mask and sun screen.

Book a FREE "retail consult" and let one of our 3 talented Aestheticians
give you our expert advise on what can really help you.

**As a bonus this month book our newest facial treatment Skin Rx and receive $10 towards your Essential Kit

Monday, October 25, 2010

Gulit free yumminess... our new obsession

The Hempz Treat lip balms provide your lips with luxurious hydration, long lasting nourishment and long-lasting sensation so rich, so good and totally guilt free.
Pick a few up for yourself and ...
if you like to be on top of your game a few for stocking stuffers.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Before the holidays, get some Skin Rx

November is all about...

SKIN RX - A rejuvenating treatment that provides deep hydration and an
instantly vibrant look.

This facial includes an eyebrow wax before a full skin diagnosis and deep cleansing, followed by our microdermabrasion treatment.

This will remove the outer layers of the skin’s surface, diminishing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, enlarged pores and coarse, textured skin. With the layers of dead skin removed, your therapist will do a detoxifying steam, gentle extraction of pore debris and a warm, scented compress, finished off with a stress-busting shoulder, facial and scalp massage and a upgraded customized finishing mask that leaves skin with a fresher, more glowing look.

Just in time for the holidays, this Skin RX is just what the doctor ordered!
75 minutes ~ $115 (a $15 savings!)

*As an extra BONUS receive $15 toward the purchase of one of our newest Glymed Skin Care Essentials kits at the time of your facial.

As always we are a small boutique style spa, so space is limited. BOOK now!

Skin Essentials aka "the ultimate starter kits"

You've asked for them, and now Lemon Drop has them...and they are AWESOME! These kits are packed full of Glymed products for your specific skin needs including:

  • Rosacea
  • Inflammatory Acne
  • Anti Aging
  • Pre-peeling procedural
  • Healthy Start & Balance

BOOK a "retail" consult or call and set up your session with one of our trained Glymed Plus Aestheticians.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

The deets on pupmkin enzymes...

Lemon Drop is featuring the ever yummy and awesomely powerful Pumpkin Enzyme Facial.

Utilizing pumpkin enzymes to easily and gently dissolve dead surface skin cells, this deep exfoliator stimulates cellular turnover, to reveal radiant skin that is supple and naturally hydrated. Age-fighting anti-oxidants and vitamin A help protect, nourish, and repair skin. Plus it has a delicious, irresistible pumpkin scent. Escape for a wonderful season treat that is as powerful as it is yummy.

Offered for a limited time so book TODAY!

Friday, October 8, 2010

Only 2 days left... have you voted?

It's the home stretch folks! Please if you haven't voted yet for the Best of Western Washington, please please do. It takes less than a minute!
We're Competing badge

Thursday, September 30, 2010

Pumpkin Treats just for you!

Our Pumpkin Facial is back! This one of a kind facial uses the healing properties of pumpkin enzymes to exfoliate dry & sun damaged skin. Warm complementing, anti-oxidant infused oils are used to massage the neck, shoulders, face and scalp. A dry brush scrub and warm pumpkin based cream is massaged onto the hands and arms. Finally, warm light cinnamon and vanilla scented towels are used to truly complete this delicious Pumpkin Facial. 75 minutes $85

lso this month enjoy our Pumpkin Therapeutic Massage we use the healing extract of pumpkin in a warm oil base and apply over the whole body in this beautiful 1 hour treatment. Warm light cinnamon and vanilla scented towels are used to truly complete this deliciously relaxing full body Pumpkin Therapeutic Massage. 1 hour $70

Enjoy both treatments in the same day for only $145 a $10 savings!

Sunday, September 26, 2010

We need your vote!

It's that time of year again for King 5 's Best of Western Washington.
We'd love your vote for Best Day Spa.

Receiving your vote not only tells us that we might be doing things right, but also gives others a chance to hear about our small studio spa.
Our spa is very small, and our concept is very different. We like to make a huge impact on you, your quality of life and our community. Keeping our overhead low, and our quality high has allowed us to provide amazingly yummy services time and time again.

Thank you for your support and let the voting begin!

The Lemon Drop Gals

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Autumn Fest & Wine Walk... WHAT?

This Friday 9/24 the Kent Downtown Partnership (KDP) and downtown merchants are throwing our first ever Autumn Fest & Wine Walk 4pm - 8pm.

~ Check in at our outdoor tent on 2nd ave & Gowe, show your id and get a passport. This will include a map of all the participating merchants that have wine tastings & snacks.
~ If you've got kiddos no worries, project UTH has you covered! Drop your lil lovies off at Maggies on Meeker for games,crafts and food!
...psst visit Tittusville Station for wine, beer tasting, seated massage, and snacks!
~ Once you've visited each place bring your passport back to the tent to be entered in a drawing for some fab gift certificates!
It's going to be FUN, FREE and did we mention there is going to be WINE!

Friday, August 27, 2010

Top 5 Most Popular Retail Products @ Lemon Drop

1. Gentle Facial Wash from GlymedPlus

Gentle Facial Wash is a noncomedogenic, unscented, SLS, oil and soap-free skin-clarifying wash for mild but effective cleansing--the foundation of a successful skin care program. Excellent for all skin types, this gentle wash provides both anti-aging and exfoliation benefits, and won't upset even the most sensitive of skins at $32 a bottle this product is our #1 seller!

2. Colorflo Mineral Makeup

SIMPLY BRUSH AND GO COLORFLO the finest milled mineral foundation in a luxurious, self-dispensing refillable brush. With only nine all natural ingredients, COLORFLO provides powerful and completely natural sun protection. COLORFLO will not clog pores or irritate sensitive skin. In fact, the ingredients are so gentle; you can apply COLORFLO immediately after all skin treatments. COLORFLO is offered in shades for every skin tone, plus the perfect Shimmer and the ideal Bronzer. Only $65 for a long lasting brush and 3 months worth of the makeup and $35 for refills- this is a skin healthy staple for any woman who wants to brush and go!

3. Herbal Packs from Berenice's Garden

Thermal therapy has never been so chic! These organic herbal packs can be heated or frozen and then placed in areas of acute or chronic soreness, tension and pain. The funky to pretty fabric choices make these the must have for your home office and to give a gifts $8 - $20

4. Lip calm

Soothing, moisturizing and invigorating, the finest organic ingredients are combined in this extraordinarily effective lip balm. Perfect for lip protection against cold and wind. Sweet and light flavor with an invigorating scent. $6. Many Lemon Drop customers call and order more of these little magic sticks once they have experienced the simple yumminess of Lip Calm.

5. SOMBRA Warm & Cool Muscle Therapy

Sombra's Original Warm and Cool Therapy Pain Relieving Gel has become one of the leading topical analgesics in the market today. Great for chronic conditions and basic aches and pains, the gel, which has a refreshing orange-citrus scent to it, would be a perfect compliment to your home therapy needs. $18 for a convenient roller easy to apply and easy to love by massage therapists and clients alike.

While we are "in session" with clients, our doors are locked! If you are interested in taking a peek at all of our retail goodies, beauty bar and professional skincare/body care lotions & potions, book a "retail consult" here online to make sure our doors are open for you to enjoy our unique studio experience.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Only a few days left to save up to $10 on Reflexology/Massage Therapy with Cortney LMP

A few spots still open to experience Cortneys therapeutic treatments at a great discounted rate.

~ NEW 45-minute lower legs & feet reflexology:

$50, a $5 savings

~ 1 hour reflexology treatment :
$65, a $10 savings

~ 90 minute Zone massage:
$95, a $10 savings

You are one click away from
booking your treatment, live online...
your body will thank you!

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Get your foot questions answered by Cortney LMP

Q. Can massage help foot cramps?
Cramping is a involuntary contraction of the muscle. This contraction suddenly deprives the muscle of oxygen and it can't function properly.
Massaging helps to relieve and prevent leg and foot cramping by breaking up muscle tension and reintroducing circulation to the area, as well as reducing muscle tone and flushing out toxins.

Q. Why do my toes tingle or go numb?
One of the reasons you feel tingling or numbness in your feet and toes is due to poor circulation. Adequate circulation to your feet is vital. Good circulation keeps your feet healthy and happy. With massage you can reintroduce circulation. Massage therapy breaks up muscle tension which constricts the flow of circulation. With regular massage therapy you reintroduce circulation and prevent and reduce aggravating feet.


NEW 45-minute lower legs & feet reflexology, $50, a $5 savings
• 1 hour reflexology treatment , $65, a $10 savings
• 90 minute Zone massage, $95, a $10 savings

If you are interested in getting relief with reflexology massage therapy, take advantage our discounts this month call and book a reflexology session with Cortney Johnson LMP 253.854.2499 or BOOK live online.

More Questions for Cortney? Feel free to leave comments or questions for her here.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

August Specials

NEW Back to School Skin Basics ~ $190

Get your teen or tween’s skin school-ready with this wonderful three-step, pre-paid package.
It includes:

~ 1 Blissfully Blemish-Free Facial Treatment

~ 1 Lil Lemon Facial & Consult
~ $100 worth of professional skincare products to use at home

First, your teen or tween will meet with one of our skin expert aestheticians for a Lil Lemon Facial and diagnosis of skin type and condition. They are sent home with professional skincare products (up to a $100 value) to help clean and treat their skin and instructions on what to use and how to use it!
After two weeks on the recommended regime, they come back in for a Blissfully Blemish-Free Facial treatment and a follow-up consult with the home care products they have been using. This package is created to not only give your teen or tween expert skincare and products, but also the follow-through and education on healthy skincare habits to give them confidence in their skin to have the most successful school year ever! $190, a $10 savings!
This is a very special package so please call Lemon Drop 253-854-2499 to book this series of pre-paid services.

August Massage Specials w/ Cortney Johnson
Reflexology is a holistic therapy that operates on the belief that there are reflex points in the feet, hands and ears which correspond to glands, organs and other parts of the body. By applying pressure on these points, we can help create balance within the body which improves circulation, soothes the nervous system, and reduces stress. The relaxation in these areas speeds the body's natural healing abilities and can affect change in anything from minor aches and pains to chronic health conditions. Reflexology helps rejuvenate the body with a relaxing environment and soothing delivery.

~ NEW 45-minute lower legs & feet reflexology, $50, a $5 savings
~ 1 hour reflexology treatment , $65, a $10 savings
~ 90 minute Zone massage, $95, a $10 savings

Cortney has been serving Lemon Drops clients for over three years now! She is not only one of our most popular therapists, but also the most diverse. In addition to being a licensed massage therapist, Cortney Johnson is also a Reflexologist, Certified Personal Trainer, and certified in Nutrition and Fitness Counseling. With her impressive list of credentials, healthy lifestyle and positive attitude, Cortney also serves as a Wellness Coach. Coupled with a strong, confident touch, Cortney’s massage style has a smooth, rhythmic flow. She combines her deep Swedish massage with reflexology to zone in on pressure points of the ears, feet and hands where stress and tension can occur.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Not Your Mom's Skin Care

  • The skin, which is the body’s largest organ, is linked to everything else that takes place within the body.
  • People who have been diagnosed with skin cancer have double the risk of developing other types of cancer when compared to those with no history of the disease.1
  • The sun is responsible for 80% of the effects of aging, and before the age of 18, 70% of the aging process has started.2
  • Stress is the No. 1 contributor of free radical damage, which is shown by an increase in fine lines, wrinkles, redness, inflammation, breakouts, tired eyes and sagging skin. By: Celeste Hilling posted: June 29, 2010, from the July 2010 issue of Skin Inc. Magazine.
Let the Aestheticians at Lemon Drop help you! Our facial treatments will help to reduce the look of aging, during that service we will educate you on proper skin health and products that make a huge difference in your skins appearance.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

In search of the perfect sunscreen?

spf 30 natural  mineral sunscreen
search no more!
spf 30  natural mineral sunscreen

$ 32.00

This natural sunscreen combines titanium dioxide and zinc oxide to provide all-over skin protection.
• protects from harmful UVA & UVB rays
• does not contain nano-particles
• minerals are non-coated
• bio-degradable
• reef friendly
Extracts of green tea, shea butter and jojoba oil hydrate, moisturize and replenish the skin of vitamins and minerals. Provides SPF 30 protection. 2 fl oz.

key ingredients
• titanium dioxide - UV-resistant properties
• zinc oxide - the broadest spectrum UVA and UVB absorber
• shea butter - hydrating
• green tea - anti-oxidant and anti-bacterial properties
• jojoba - moisturizing; restores natural pH balance to the skin

Feels light weight and great on the skin!

Enjoy these and other great John Master products 10% off at Lemon Drop until the 21st!

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Friday, July 9, 2010

Come visit us at Kent Cornucopia Days!

Lemon Drop Skincare & Massage is not open Friday July 9th - July 11th...
because we have a
booth at Kent Cornucopia Days.
The Lemon Drop gals will be offering seated massage and eyebrow, upper lip or chin waxing.

So come on down and visit us, we'd love to see you!

Thursday, July 1, 2010

NEW COOL IT aloe & stone therapy

Don't miss Lemon Drop’s July Specials w/ Allison!

NEW COOL IT aloe & stone therapy: A heavenly massage incorporating soothing, smooth cool river rocks that are gently placed under the knees, behind the neck, along the spine and on the eyelids to create a soothing sensation. This wonderful treatment also aids in drawing out heat, puffiness and inflammation from the muscles and tissues. A revitalizing and healing aloe and herb solution is used to do a deep tissue or relaxation massage, further easing the tension and heat from even the most humid summer day.
90 minutes = $95 (save $10)

Meet Allison:

Lemon Drop’s newest massage therapist: Allison Schactler

Growing up in Eatonville, Washington, Allison is very much a country girl who likes to hike, camp, fish and run. She always knew she liked to help heal people utilizing a more natural approach to health and wellness, so becoming a massage therapist was a great fit for Allison.
Allison graduated from Everest Massage School and has spent most of her massage time since then working on injury treatment in a chiropractic office. She recently joined Lemon Drop to offer her injury treatment and deep tissue massage technique to our customers. She is also looking forward to doing relaxation, pregnancy, heated stone and her new cool stone massage treatments.
Allison is available Monday,Tuesday &Thursday, Friday mornings and some Saturdays. Help us welcome Allison to the Lemon Drop family! BOOK HERE

Friday, June 11, 2010

Only a few weeks left to take advantage of Lemon Drops Specials

BOOK one, or both of these fabulous discounted services with Michelle La Rock:

A 45 minute Sports Massage $50 ($5 savings)
A 90 minute deep tissue or relaxation massage for only $80
(a $15 savings)

Book instantly online at

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Tanning towles are back at Lemon Drop!

By popular demand Lemon Drop has brought back the entire TanTowel line!


Launched in 1998, TanTowel® International broke the self-tanning mold with their patented self-tanning towelette a safe breakthrough that quickly made them a leader in the self-tanning sun care community. Their unique formula and innovative application offers customizable results that range from a healthy sun-kissed glow to
a deep, dark tropical look. Even better, the quick-drying towelettes don't create a mess or unpleasant odor; only the perfect, streak-free tan, at home or on the go! They also offer also expert exfoliators towelettes for even application and a daily moisturizer to prolong the bronze.
That's total self-tanning treatment and it all starts with a simple swipe.

What it is formulated WITHOUT:

- Synthetic Dyes
- Petro-Chemicals

- Phthalates
- Triclosan

Pick these up before your next Va-Cay and have that care free glow,safely and with just a swipe!

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

June Specials

~ Enjoy a 90-minute Relaxation or Deep-Tissue
Massage for $80 (a $15 savings!) with Michelle La Rock.

~ Sports Massage

Michelle is introducing sports massage to Lemon Drop’s menu of services!

A soothing sports massage is great before or after workouts or sport events.
PRE-EVENT ~ will consist of “waking up the muscles” and preparing them for action. Which aids in higher performance.
POST EVENT ~ will consist of deep, slow strokes and intense stretching of all the major muscle groups and specific sore muscles. Customized to the client’s needs.
45min for $50, A $5 Savings!

More About Michelle La Rock:

Michelle La Rock graduated fro Everest College’s Massage Therapy Program in 2009. She has military training and experience in orthopedics, which she integrates into her massage sessions. A Kentucky native, she enjoys her southern hospitality to her clients. Michelle has a very active and healthy lifestyle as a long distance runner. She also has a very bubbly and happy personality that resonates into her massage. She enjoys helping people feel better.

Michelle specializes in relaxation, deep tissue and pregnancy massage. Her favorite areas of focus and treatment are the neck, hands, and feet. She will be adding more specialties to her credentials in the near future. She is available Monday through Friday, as well as selected Saturdays of the month.

VISIT Lemon Drops website for more info.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Does your skin need a pick me up? Need afordable waxing?

Only 2 weeks left to take advantage of our Marvelous May specials with Aja!

Flawless Spring Skincare Combo: Enjoy our Microdermabrasion Facial Treatment to rid your skin of impurities and leave it healthy, flawless and ready for spring! Included in our combo is an eyebrow or upper lip wax all together for only $70. A $20 savings!
*Purchase any of our award-winning professional skincare services and receive 10% off all products purchased at the time of service with Aja.

Spring Cleaning with Aja:
Receive a French Bikini Wax (also known as a Brazilian)
only $50 (a $15 savings)
or Full Leg and French Bikini Wax $100, a $30 savings

Monday, May 3, 2010

Pamper the Mom in Your Life for Mother's Day!

Get the special mom in your life something she can truly enjoy! A little trip to Lemon Drop. Whether she wants to have a relaxing massage or one of our wonderful facials, a “no fuss, no muss” Lemon Drop gift Certificate for spa services is just a few clicks away.

Use our convenient and secure site to purchase instant online Gift Certificates now!

Saturday, May 1, 2010

The results are in for BEST of KENT

Lemon Drop Skincare & Massage has won for the 3rd year in a row "Best Spa Services" in the Best of Kent survey put on by the Kent Reporter. We were also voted 3rd for "Greenest Business" in Kent.

Thank so very much to our loyal clients,friends and family. A big hug and thank you to the rest of the staff that makes Lemon Drop the best in Kent: Cortney Johnson, Aja Highland, Michelle LaRock and Christina Calvert. This is an amazing team of very talented massage therapists and Aestheticians, and it shows by the support of their clients and community!

To view all the winners grab Saturday 4/30 copy of the Kent Reporter or to book an appointment at Lemon Drop go to their website www.LEMONDROPSKINCARE.COM or call 253.854.2499.

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Flawless Skin & Spring Cleaning with Aja Highland

Meet Lemon Drop's spunkiest addition by enjoying some of her specialty treatments!

Flawless Spring Skincare Combo: Enjoy our Microdermabrasion Facial Treatment to rid your skin of impurities and leave it healthy, flawless and ready for spring! Included in our combo is an eyebrow or upper lip wax all together for only $70. A $20 savings!
*Purchase any of our award-winning professional skincare
services and receive 10% off all products purchased at the
time of service with Aja.

Spring Cleaning with Aja: Receive a French Bikini Wax (also known as a Brazilian) only $50 (a $15 savings)
Full Leg and French Bikini Wax $100, a $30 savings

Space can be limited so book today!

Aja Highland is a south Seattle native who started out in medical assisting but, after assisting in clinical skin therapies, she decided to become an Aesthetician. Thirteen years later, she has perfected the art of combining clinical treatments and relaxing spa therapies. With her vast knowledge of skin therapy, speed waxing technique and her wonderful down-to-earth attitude, she has become a fast favorite here at Lemon Drop.

Aja works Mondays, Wednesdays and two Saturdays per month. *All specials and discounts are only valid when being performed by Aja Highland

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Starting a new workout routine? How can Massage Therapy help you?

Massage therapy can enhance many facets of a new weight loss program and aid in even greater results! Collectively we tend to think of massage therapy as pampering for primarily well-to-do people or a special treat for the occasional recipient. On a regular basis though, studies have shown massage therapy to have increased weight reduction results for a number of reasons. Let’s take a closer look at a few of the advantages.

Post-Workout Pain

From time to time our muscles cry out for mercy during or after a good workout. This happens all too often when we forget to stretch afterward. Ice packs and over-the-counter pain relievers only do so much. Massage is a good way to soothe muscle strains.

Lactic and carbonic acids are excreted by your body during a workout as well. By increasing the circulation with massage therapy you are provided with a much shorter recovery time after a hard workout.

General Musculoskeletal Complaints

Not all of us work in perfect ergonomic positions and our back pays the price. We end up with tightened muscles and even knots in the upper back and shoulders. Being in the same position for hours on end decreases circulation and causes difficulty in maintaining proper posture 100% of the time. If you work in a seated position in front of a computer for the majority of each day, you probably slouch your shoulders and even the lower legs and ankles may become swollen. A full body massage can increase circulation and relieve musculoskeletal tension.

Behavior Health and Motivation

If you’ve never had a real massage, it’s high time you treated yourself. You leave feeling rejuvenated, beautified, energized and relaxed all at the same time. Aches and pains can cause us to be in a bad mood, but after the massage you just feel on top of the world and ready for your next workout! As a motivation boost, nothing beats a massage.

Massage therapy alone isn’t going to get you into a bikini or your favorite little black dress, but it certainly will affect other efforts to lose weight and get into shape. Sometimes we get overwhelmed with what we can’t eat and how much exercise we have to endure to shed those extra pounds.

Massage therapy can be the cherry on top of the cake and even help you reach your goals! Let us help you

written by Dr Karl for more info go to :

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