Tuesday, July 27, 2010

August Specials

NEW Back to School Skin Basics ~ $190

Get your teen or tween’s skin school-ready with this wonderful three-step, pre-paid package.
It includes:

~ 1 Blissfully Blemish-Free Facial Treatment

~ 1 Lil Lemon Facial & Consult
~ $100 worth of professional skincare products to use at home

First, your teen or tween will meet with one of our skin expert aestheticians for a Lil Lemon Facial and diagnosis of skin type and condition. They are sent home with professional skincare products (up to a $100 value) to help clean and treat their skin and instructions on what to use and how to use it!
After two weeks on the recommended regime, they come back in for a Blissfully Blemish-Free Facial treatment and a follow-up consult with the home care products they have been using. This package is created to not only give your teen or tween expert skincare and products, but also the follow-through and education on healthy skincare habits to give them confidence in their skin to have the most successful school year ever! $190, a $10 savings!
This is a very special package so please call Lemon Drop 253-854-2499 to book this series of pre-paid services.

August Massage Specials w/ Cortney Johnson
Reflexology is a holistic therapy that operates on the belief that there are reflex points in the feet, hands and ears which correspond to glands, organs and other parts of the body. By applying pressure on these points, we can help create balance within the body which improves circulation, soothes the nervous system, and reduces stress. The relaxation in these areas speeds the body's natural healing abilities and can affect change in anything from minor aches and pains to chronic health conditions. Reflexology helps rejuvenate the body with a relaxing environment and soothing delivery.

~ NEW 45-minute lower legs & feet reflexology, $50, a $5 savings
~ 1 hour reflexology treatment , $65, a $10 savings
~ 90 minute Zone massage, $95, a $10 savings

Cortney has been serving Lemon Drops clients for over three years now! She is not only one of our most popular therapists, but also the most diverse. In addition to being a licensed massage therapist, Cortney Johnson is also a Reflexologist, Certified Personal Trainer, and certified in Nutrition and Fitness Counseling. With her impressive list of credentials, healthy lifestyle and positive attitude, Cortney also serves as a Wellness Coach. Coupled with a strong, confident touch, Cortney’s massage style has a smooth, rhythmic flow. She combines her deep Swedish massage with reflexology to zone in on pressure points of the ears, feet and hands where stress and tension can occur.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Not Your Mom's Skin Care

  • The skin, which is the body’s largest organ, is linked to everything else that takes place within the body.
  • People who have been diagnosed with skin cancer have double the risk of developing other types of cancer when compared to those with no history of the disease.1
  • The sun is responsible for 80% of the effects of aging, and before the age of 18, 70% of the aging process has started.2
  • Stress is the No. 1 contributor of free radical damage, which is shown by an increase in fine lines, wrinkles, redness, inflammation, breakouts, tired eyes and sagging skin. By: Celeste Hilling posted: June 29, 2010, from the July 2010 issue of Skin Inc. Magazine.
Let the Aestheticians at Lemon Drop help you! Our facial treatments will help to reduce the look of aging, during that service we will educate you on proper skin health and products that make a huge difference in your skins appearance.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

In search of the perfect sunscreen?

spf 30 natural  mineral sunscreen
search no more!
spf 30  natural mineral sunscreen

$ 32.00

This natural sunscreen combines titanium dioxide and zinc oxide to provide all-over skin protection.
• protects from harmful UVA & UVB rays
• does not contain nano-particles
• minerals are non-coated
• bio-degradable
• reef friendly
Extracts of green tea, shea butter and jojoba oil hydrate, moisturize and replenish the skin of vitamins and minerals. Provides SPF 30 protection. 2 fl oz.

key ingredients
• titanium dioxide - UV-resistant properties
• zinc oxide - the broadest spectrum UVA and UVB absorber
• shea butter - hydrating
• green tea - anti-oxidant and anti-bacterial properties
• jojoba - moisturizing; restores natural pH balance to the skin

Feels light weight and great on the skin!

Enjoy these and other great John Master products 10% off at Lemon Drop until the 21st!

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Friday, July 9, 2010

Come visit us at Kent Cornucopia Days!

Lemon Drop Skincare & Massage is not open Friday July 9th - July 11th...
because we have a
booth at Kent Cornucopia Days.
The Lemon Drop gals will be offering seated massage and eyebrow, upper lip or chin waxing.

So come on down and visit us, we'd love to see you!

Thursday, July 1, 2010

NEW COOL IT aloe & stone therapy

Don't miss Lemon Drop’s July Specials w/ Allison!

NEW COOL IT aloe & stone therapy: A heavenly massage incorporating soothing, smooth cool river rocks that are gently placed under the knees, behind the neck, along the spine and on the eyelids to create a soothing sensation. This wonderful treatment also aids in drawing out heat, puffiness and inflammation from the muscles and tissues. A revitalizing and healing aloe and herb solution is used to do a deep tissue or relaxation massage, further easing the tension and heat from even the most humid summer day.
90 minutes = $95 (save $10)

Meet Allison:

Lemon Drop’s newest massage therapist: Allison Schactler

Growing up in Eatonville, Washington, Allison is very much a country girl who likes to hike, camp, fish and run. She always knew she liked to help heal people utilizing a more natural approach to health and wellness, so becoming a massage therapist was a great fit for Allison.
Allison graduated from Everest Massage School and has spent most of her massage time since then working on injury treatment in a chiropractic office. She recently joined Lemon Drop to offer her injury treatment and deep tissue massage technique to our customers. She is also looking forward to doing relaxation, pregnancy, heated stone and her new cool stone massage treatments.
Allison is available Monday,Tuesday &Thursday, Friday mornings and some Saturdays. Help us welcome Allison to the Lemon Drop family! BOOK HERE